AVENT Niplette tool to highlight the nipple and treatment of cavernous

AVENT Niplette tool to highlight the nipple and treatment of cavernous tit and flat

Proportion of women or even girls before marriage they have a problem in the breast nipples and does not appear to be either non - nipple phenomenon or recessed It ( the inside of the breast ), which makes a woman at a loss for this problem resolved ? !

We wrote in an earlier issue about treat cavernous nipple or inverted nipple , nipple flat natural ways has written tips about highlighting the nipple and make it a prominent phenomenon and they were all natural ways

But today I will write about a tool to highlight the nipple or the cavernous and flat flipped

The device works via suction tit smoothly into something like a small plastic cup

And helps to highlight the tit for who Eetmanin of mothers breastfeed their babies and even girls who suffer from the problem of flat nipple or the cavernous

This tool industry Phillips and company called Philips AVENT Niplette characterized this tool easy to use and is available in pharmacies and you can buy them through the Phillips site .

You can put your AVENT Niplette tool on the teat chest and left
Guardian and wears a bra which is installed on your chest will not cause you any inconvenience or pain.

Correction process can be achieved for nipple and the score remained permanently if you used continuously in the period between 1 to 3 months of continuous use for a period of 8 hours per day .

After using the tool for a period of three months will become a permanent prominent nipple will not disappear within the breast again .

Better treatment of nipple cavernous pre-pregnancy and prenatal also for those who suffer from the nipple cavernous and you want to breast-feed her baby  using the tool suction nipple for 10 minutes before each breastfeeding and can return to address the teat her permanently after they are weaned child because treatment Permanent requires install the tool on the breast for a period of 8 hours per day , and this will not work with the mother in the duration of breastfeeding or pregnancy because during pregnancy prevents suction or tighten the nipples because that possible causes contraction of the uterus during pregnancy.

Look at some of the pictures so clear how to correct nipples through this tool and easy to use.

Put syringe in the tube connected small cup

Put your cup on your nipple and small Tzhba syringe to the siphoning off the nipple to the outside
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