Herbs and fruits bring happiness and sexual activity of the couple

Herbs and fruits bring happiness and sexual activity of the couple

Turn a lot of couples men and women to drugs to improve their sexual performance , at a time where they are able to replace them with products of nature herbs and fruits to meet their needs without there being any risks or side effects on their health.

One of these herbs and fruits :
Papers Aldamaana (damiana leaves):
These papers check to the man and then the psychological stability and steadiness of sexual described this plant as a food in general tonic for the nervous system . Has some international pharmaceutical companies to produce a preparation from the leaves of this plant .

To take advantage of these papers, we take a tablespoon of Mshogaha and add it to a cup of boiling water and soak it for ten minutes and then stir soaked and filtered and drink before breakfast every day.

Pumpkin :
In addition to the benefits of the seeds of pumpkin in the treatment of prostate problems and high nutritional value , eating these seeds increases the activity of a man sexually , because it would be eating these seeds increases the level of sex hormones ( testosterone ) , and take these seeds on its image of natural without processing after removing the peels them by tablespoons a day.

Fenugreek syrup :
In addition to the nutritional benefits of the ring , it has a dramatic effect of desire , either in men or women , and is one of the favorite drinks of Turkish women , as it believes that this mixture makes it more responsive to sex and more attractive to her husband .

Advised men who suffer from sexual problems generally eat the ring, the ring contains a plant oil is rich in vitamin A, and other materials are working refreshments such as sexual material (Trimethylamine) Trajmethylamin , has found that this article and others have the effect of sex hormones in frogs experiments.

The best way to deal with the circuit as follows:
Fill two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds and Angahma in a cup of boiling water for five minutes , then add to brew a spoonful of honey bees or a bit of lemon juice .

And the ring should have a drink a day on a regular basis and to show its effect as an aphrodisiac .

Kinds of fruit are active libido
It is said that all kinds of fruit that begins with the letter P in English arouse sexual desire in both men and women of these types :

Peaches Peaches
Plum Plums.
Pear Pears.
Pineapple Pineapple.
 Chapters Papayas.
Khaki Persmnons.
 Banana Bananas.
The kernels of wheat is sifted (not decaffeinated chaff ) of the richest sources of vitamin E is known for its influence as pathetic sexual desire and an assistant in the formation of sperm and male infertility treatment .

In addition to vitamin B strengthens the reproductive glands .

In the end you have this mixture
In conclusion, we offer this recipe for couples that are recommended by some doctors Sexology taking it on an ongoing basis to stimulate the libido :
- A spoonful of milk powder + appropriate amount of water + / tablespoon of ginger + / tablespoon of cinnamon + tablespoons of honey + a little lemon juice + fruit, and one of any kind of fruit.

Put these ingredients in a blender and mix with each other for a few seconds before drinking .

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