A distinctive experience of 28 kg loss in 3 months

A distinctive experience of 28 kg loss in 3 months

Good evening, sweetest girls

My name is Maryam Osama and I am 30 years old. My experience with the diet is over. Thank God.

Frankly, I love to eat but if my problem was that my weight was 95 kilo and 166 cm, I mean it was supposed to lose about 30 kilos and I would have lost their text but I was satisfied.

My problem with the diet is that I can not eat it. I was afraid of the diet. I used to make a mental effort in the first week. I was in the middle of the day, but I was in the mood to eat, even if I entered into the diet, my stomach was getting tired because it used to produce a large amount of acids. The ulcer worked as a process and entered a big topic.

She went on a lot of solutions and tried all the slimming products, all of which had serious side effects, depression, colon and stomach problems, and the doctor asked one of my parents about stomach stapling operations, which she explained because her operations have a lot of problems and their harm is more than useful and even prevented in many countries and frankly The human body is a blessing from our Lord Maynafsh we play in it and damage it because we are kneeling Km Kilo.

All the swirls I walked in from without any good to Malakit on the net advertising on a product named Corsella, which is a Pakatat Pndobha in Cuba and drink before eating an hour by feeling full as a sheep and eat .. Come on the site Btahm because it is not followed on the site of the company Btaam and requested The product and Jali reduce the house and beautiful in the subject that it is easy to fill the stomach through the stomach fiber useful to the body and organized all the problems of stomach and colon and the colon did not through the centers of satiety in the brain, but there is a substance called triplex pyclione chromium has increased the rate of burning in the body through the lining of insulin secretion .

I am very tired if I have invented the formula I have in the incubation I am in 3 months, I lost about 28 kilos if I stood on the brain Macnc Hafr Achshm Batfasti.
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