The shiver of intercourse in women .. How to reach them?

The shiver of intercourse in women .. How to reach them?

Contents The concept of sex in women What does the husband do to bring his wife to orgasm? What does a wife do for a shiver of sexual intercourse? You must know that sex in men is a physical requirement separate from love but not in all cases may want to have sex when he feels great love towards her , And how the occurrence of orgasm orgasm in women is one of the most important things that the couple wonders about which they should know to get a healthy intimate relationship. But it is important for a man to realize that a lasting little is better than a lot of intermittent kisses every day better than a half-hour hug every week. Women need constant attention and communication and are delighted by the romantic husband's behavior that he can contain.

The concept of sex in women

You can not differentiate between love and sex and it is difficult for a woman to have sex with someone she does not like and if this happens, it will be one of the hardest moments on her. How does sexual intercourse occur in women?
 First: excitement period excitement period
 Is the occurrence of increased secretions of the glands surrounding the vagina, which helps in the process of penetration and prevent the occurrence of pain as a result of friction. Second: the husband's fondness for his wife
 The caresses are important until the couple moves to the penetration stage, but there may be many paradoxes. The man is returning from orgasm and his wife has not yet reached the orgasm, so she regrets her pain and extinguishes the glow of her lust in modesty. The woman takes three or four times the time taken by the man to reach The peak of intercourse, the number of women reaching the peak of sexual intercourse only 20% of women, if we are facing a crisis facing many women.

What does the husband do to bring his wife to orgasm?
Dear man, you must understand what is happening to your wife, and give her the right to pleasure, you can know the areas that raise your wife before sex and learn some exercises that help prolong intercourse.
 What does a wife do for a shiver of sexual intercourse?
 Dear women, you must be free of your commitment to the need to reach orgasm, not just some embrace and kisses and tell your husband what you want him in intimate relationship, and try to enjoy the happiness of your husband, try to relax completely and your husband in peace and happiness first and foremost. The orgasmic access to orgasm is difficult since intercourse and penetration are not the only direct way to reach orgasm. Women's psychological readiness and feeling of love, safety and tenderness are the first steps of pleasure for women. Reverse penetration What men perceive is not more than 9% of the sexual sensation in women, and it is necessary for the full pleasure of passing through the psychological stage such as spinning and a large area of ​​caressing and caressing. Means of orgasm intercourse in women Women reach the stage of Orgazm through two ways "raised by the clitoris" or "full penetration" or both. Type 1: Clitoral stimulation The largest proportion of wives reach the peak of intercourse by raising the clitoris regardless of the tool or the user used in it, clitoris is the most important member and the most dangerous in the sexual relationship and has no function other than sexual sensation, because it contains a large amount of nerve fibers Making it the most sensitive place and the success of the sexual process. The husband can stir this member with his hand or his male friends before penetration, but can reach the stage of the maiden before penetration, he has given his wife everything you want. A woman can reach the orgasm of intercourse more than once, and the orgasm that first be more enjoyable because it occurs automatically and less effort. Type II: penetration, specifically the stimulation of the front wall of the vaginal canal behind the urethra, the area where the G Spot. What is G-Spot G is a small mass of fibers and tissues within the vagina at a distance of 5 cm,
 It is an exciting and erect point that the husband can detect using his index fingers and middle, so that his palm is up and the penis can be used to reach it. The husband can press down the abdomen to find it, a bit rough but gently so as not to hurt your wife. The arousal of this area will cause orgasmic orgasm in women in a fun, powerful and easy way to contain highly sensitive particles. Can women reach orgasm only by raising their nipples? Some women may reach orgasm - the climax of sexual intercourse - once the nipple is stimulated by coughing. The size of the breast is not related to this. This is because the nipple contains many highly sensitive nerve endings that can be touched by kissing and sucking. Does ejaculation also occur in women? Yes, ejaculation can also occur in women, but it is different from ejaculation. When a woman reaches an orgasm, she can throw a creamy white liquid, or a transparent urine-like liquid. Keeping women fit, loving and loving is the key to a successful marital relationship.

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