America's Greatness: Preserve LIBERTY Or It's Gone!

What has always, been the defining, difference, between, the United States of America, and most of the rest, of the world? This nation, founded on the premise, All men are created equal, and based on our Bill of Rights, cannot be considered great, if/ when, we abandon, any of these ideals of relevant liberty and freedom, because one can't pick - and - choose, or selectively, determine, which ones to honor, and which, to abandon! It can't be based on, going back, to the past, because, everything in life, evolves, and either, this nation, constantly evolves, for the common good, and best interests of the citizens, or, it will no longer, deserve to be considered, great! I recall, in the aftermath, of the horrors, of the atrocities of 9/11/01, the memorable words of the late, great, George Carlin, who warned us, if we permit our fears to control us, and we diminish the liberties, this nation stands for, then, the terrorists win! With this in mind, many of us, are concerned with the present direction of the nation, because, believing in the slogan, Make America Great Again, while selectively choosing, who might benefit, risks losing America's significant identity, forever. Either we preserve and focus on LIBERTY, or we fail!

1. Love; legitimate; lies: Love must trump the rhetoric, vitriol, and empty promises, or we will lose any legitimate claim, to greatness! Many believe, as fact - checkers claim, President Trump, often lies, and this behavior, is threatening to long - term, established priorities!

2. Integrity; ideals; ideas: Liberty must be based on absolute integrity, focused on our core ideals, combined with well - considered, open - minded, ideas, seeking protecting all the freedoms, guaranteed by our Constitution, etc.

3. Best versus bias: President Trump's rhetoric has been accused of prejudice, bias, and/ or personal/ political agenda and self - interest, when we need, consistent. forward - looking, best interests!

4. Empathy; emphasis; energize: We need empathetic public officials, whose emphasis is on the common good, and focus on energizing all Americans, rather than merely, their core supporters!

5. Relevant; responsive: Rehashing the past, doesn't make us great, which is only achieved, when our approach is consistently, relevant, and responsive!

6. Trends; timely: We don't need leaders, who, bury, their head, in - the - sand, but, rather, are best - represented, when they understand the current trends, and the need to pursue, realistic, relevant, timely solutions!

7. You: Every American must take personal responsibility, and proceed, with the attitude, It's up to you!

Wake up, America, and avoid blaming and complaining, but rather, take personal responsibility, for protecting our freedom, and LIBERTY! Will you stand up, for what truly, makes America, great?

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