Information The cat is part of mammals

The cat is part of mammals. It is a carnivorous animal belonging to
 the family Felidae. The word cat comes from the Latin "cattus" (sort of wild cat) which means "watch", this cat was considered a hunter watching his prey
The cat is an independent animal that, unlike the dog, walks alone and cleans itself. It is during the beginning of his life that the cat will determine his character. It depends on the contact he has with humans and his mother's attitude towards them

For many years the cat was considered a solitary animal. They are indeed endowed with a strong capacity of adaptation to their environment

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Persian Siberian Siamese RagdollBritish Shorthair
The cat is a territorial animal, to preserve its place of life is primordial, it constitutes  the main interactions with the other individuals

The cat sleeps enormously; indeed his sleep varies between 15 and 18 hours. Clearly, he remains awake about 8 hours, which he devotes especially to the night. Hunting is instinctive in this animal; indeed we can notice that kittens play hunting games. The cat's physical characteristics make him a good hunter. These main prey are small mammals (rodents ...), lizards and birds

The cat is a very soft animal, but unlike the dog, it usually has a solitary character, it is indeed sometimes uncooperative ... But it is perhaps what makes him a very appreciated animal, at the cuddly  and independent times
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