The dog is a carnivorous animal

The dog is a carnivorous animal. It is one of the best animals raised by man.
The dog is called the righteous friend of man.The dog remembers its owner
well even after a long time and is loyal to its owner always.
There is a variety of dogs used in many areas.Dogs are used in guarding, hunting
and towing of skis.There is a type of dogs trained to guide the blind. And the dogs
have a distinctive body language indicates the psychological state of the dog. Like

shaking the tail indicates the joy. The erection of the dog’s hair indicates fear or
discomfort. When disturbed before the attack, the dog shows its teeth and relaxes
its ears.
Prior to the acquisition or breeding of any type of dog, some tests are preferred.
Medical examination should be performed by the veterinarian to ensure that it
is free of infectious diseases. The dog should be given all vaccinations for dogs.
The dog lives between 12 and 16 years old. Dogs reproduce sexually. The pregnancy
lasts two to two and a half months.The numbers of puppies vary from one type to another.
You need to know what type of food is appropriate for each dog. You should take care
of the cleanliness of the dog and the cleanliness of the place where the dog lives.
Dogs do not like indoor places constantly.
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