3 Ways To Use Telemarketing For Tennis Clubs

I have some very important information for all tennis club owners out there.
You should be using telemarketing to expand your market reach.
It's cheaper and it's also faster to implement.
But, it must be used in a strategic way that will help you bring in more leads and stay in contact with all your members.
This also means that you should train your staff on how to work the phones for inbound calls, outbound calls and lead generating calls.
Here are 3 ways that you can use the phone to grow your tennis club.
1) Generating Leads.
Many tennis clubs just sit back and wait for prospects to call them or wait for one to see their advertising.
Instead of going online and researching companies that would be ideal prospects and them contacting those prospects by phone.
To eliminate risk for them, make your offer a free event for the company and even serve some cheap food after the event.
Your club should create a top 25 prospects list of local companies and schools that you would like to have as members of your club.
Then contact them and set up a FREE event.
You could use this one alone to triple your profits in 2 months!
2) Together With Direct Mail.
This is a great way to use the phone after you have used direct mail.
The prospects are already aware of your club and your offer, so they will be more willing to listen to the details of that offer.
But like I said before.
You must train your staff on how to use the phone for prospecting.
The should be positive and very engaging with the prospect.
A side note.
Make sure that they never give up on any prospects in your pipeline either.
After a direct mail has been sent out.
Your staff has to keep following up with every lead or prospects.
In most cases.
They shouldn't have to worry about this if you train them properly and have a free offering for the prospect.
3) Thank You, Call.
The minute you have someone sign up at your club.
"Have your staff call them the next day and thank them for joining and tell them that you are committed to giving all of your members the best service that you can".
When you do this.
You are subconsciously planting a seed in the new member's mind that you run a top-notch club and you can start building a solid relationship with every new member.
Have your staff also plant the referral seed in their mind as well.
This is a powerful way to start off any new business relationship.
Because it also proves to them that they made a great decision when joining your club.
People buy on emotions and they then try to back up that buying decision with logic.
By calling them the next day.
You are proving their logic was right!
Now, take these 3 telemarketing tips and adopt and adapt them and then implement them in a creative way.
Don't stop there.
Keep revising, customizing and optimizing them to grow and to maintain your tennis club's growth.
"Learn how to grow your tennis club in 3 months are less"!!
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