Rashaad Penny Should Be an NFL First Round Draft Pick

I as of late looked into the NFL draft prospects of San Diego State senior running back Rashaad
Penny and was stunned by what I found. One essayist figured Penny may be a fifth round pick or lower and censured his speed and power. Others considered him a "periphery player, best case scenario. I watched Penny both a year ago and this year and I likewise had season tickets amid Marshall Faulk's three seasons at SDSU. They were both extraordinary school running backs, yet Faulk was a number two by and large NFL draft pick and had a Hall of Fame NFL vocation. Numerous individuals don't assume Penny is in indistinguishable discussion from Faulk, yet Penny has achieved a few things amid his school profession that Faulk never did. To make my point that Penny ought to be a main pick, let me first relate his achievements in school to put forth my defense.

In the first place, Penny was NOT a beginning running back until his senior season. That may appear to be a thump, however the motivation behind why is on the grounds that the Aztecs number one back for a few seasons was the NCAA's record-breaking driving rusher, Donnel Pumphrey. Notwithstanding that reality that he was the reinforcement sprinter to Pumphrey in 2016, Penny still increased more than 1,000 surging while Pumphrey increased more than 2,000 yards. No NCAA group had ever had both a 2,000 and 1,000 yard rusher on a similar group previously. At that point this season the Aztecs turned into the main group to must have two back to back 2,000 surging exhibitions by two distinct players when Penny scrambled for 2,295 yards. In his senior year Penny drove the country in surging, all out yards (2,974), and came in second in touchdowns (28). He won various distinctions for Mountain West Offensive Player of the Week just as Special Teams POW. More distinctions have come in as he has been named to a few All-American groups. Anybody can contend that Penny is certainly not an extraordinary running back and I would run toe-to-toe with somebody on that. In any case, on the off chance that you attempt to contend that he's not an incredible returner, don't begin. As of now Penny is the co-holder for the most kickoff returns for a touchdown in NCAA history. He has seven in general (two this season) and the first run through his head mentor, Rocky Long, chose to utilize him as a punt returner Penny took that one to the house. Twice amid his senior season Penny had a diversion when he scored three distinctive ways. From short separation or 100 yards away, Penny figures out how to get into the end zone.

Penny's last diversion in an Aztecs uniform came in the Armed Forces Bowl and he didn't frustrate. Notwithstanding the way that Army's national driving running assault bit up the vast majority of the clock, Penny benefited as much as possible from his few shots. On his first official convey of the amusement he went 81 yards for a touchdown. After seven contacts he broke that bowl diversion's surging record. After ten contacts he outperformed more than 200 yards scrambling for the fifth straight time. On his fourteenth convey he gathered his fourth touchdown of the amusement. In any case, a standout amongst his best plays was the point at which he didn't contact the ball. On a short kickoff Penny's partner, Juwan Washington, was restoring the kick when Penny smoothed one of the Army's best with a staggering square. He kept on obstructing another cadet into the end zone as Washington scored. Better believe it, he can square.

Did I notice that he got two goes for TDs also? Penny may not be able to use both hands, he just seems as though it. In the amusement against Nevada he took a pitch setting off to one side, halted, and began to toss a pass left-gave. The recipient was secured so he chose to keep running rather (for a TD). In the diversion against Air Force he was running an intersection course from left to right when his quarterback tossed the ball high and behind Penny. He just come to back with his correct hand and trapped the ball one-gave. No doubt, he has extraordinary hands.

I pondered what the thump on Penny was and why he was anticipated to go so low in the draft. One assessment didn't have him in the main 20 evaluated backs in school. The contention that most would introduce is rivalry. The Mountain West Conference had a few groups that were awful at halting the run. Penny played against two PAC-12 groups this season and had more than 100 yards against both Arizona State and Stanford. Nonetheless, in both Aztec misfortunes this season Penny neglected to scramble for more than 100 yards. The two trashy exhibitions were because of poor hindering as there was additionally awful pass security in those diversions too. Truth be told, the Aztecs hostile line was youthful and unpracticed as just a single senior was a starter and he missed a few recreations with damage. I imagine that it's really a tribute to Penny that he increased more than 2,000 yards with such an unpracticed line. One other thing: There were a few diversions when Penny was pulled in the third or final quarter in light of the fact that the Aztecs were so a long ways ahead. Mentor Long couldn't care less about details amid the recreations. He simply needs to win and hold his main back new for the following diversion. A model would be the San Jose State diversion when the Aztecs scrambled for more than 500 yards as a group. Penny just contacted the ball once in the second half, which brought about a long touchdown run that put him over the 200 yard mark. At that point the Aztecs were ahead by 35 so there was no compelling reason to utilize Penny any more. On the off chance that he had got most of conveys in the second half, he may have scrambled for 300, perhaps 400 yards or more, and got more Heisman consideration.

Presently to address some different reactions of Penny: Speed and power. There have been a few times this season when Penny broke into the unmistakable and it was a footrace among him and some guarded back. Regardless of what sort of point the safeguard took, Penny surpassed him to the end zone. Amid the whole season Penny was just gotten from behind once on a lower leg handle in the last round of the customary season. On one kickoff return I figured he would respite and get the blocker that was before him, yet he essentially kept running by him and the protectors who were close-by. With respect to Penny control, after some consolation from his mentors, Penny began transforming contradicting players into flapjacks just as hauling a linebacker around ten yards on one play. He's a bull who can fly and that is an uncommon combo.

One of the primary reasons I figure Penny ought to be a main pick is that he answers two needs in the meantime. Any group that needs a running back and a kickoff returner can get a two-for-one arrangement and that makes him very profitable. Kick returning is by all accounts an under-appreciated skill in the NFL as most groups battle to get comes back to the 25 yard line. Penny could change all that for some group next season.

I've seen a ton of football in my time and I've seen some incredible backs. I've seen LT play for the Chargers. I've seen Faulk play for the Aztecs. Penny is on a par with those folks and may even be better since he returns kicks and they didn't. Any individual who saw Penny's execution against Nevada this season ought to be persuaded of Penny's potential enormity and how extraordinary he is. In that amusement he had a 70 yard TD run got back to for a punishment. Indeed, even without that run Penny completed with more than 200 yards surging, more than 400 absolute yards, two TDs on kick returns and four TDs generally. On the off chance that Penny is certainly not a first round pick in the 2018 NFL draft, at that point some group will get a flat out take when they draft him. On the off chance that he's sufficiently fortunate to play for a group with a decent hostile line, he could turn into the NFL's next hostile freshman of the yea 
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