advancements in computer technology timeline

Advancements In Computer Technology
The new millennium has created an impact and a mark into several individuals lives. This is the stage the world became more sophisticated with regards to the creation of goods and services, the stage where technologies has brought ease and convenience of mind. Let us face, without these technologies, life will be hard, tasks will not be finished with a snap of their finger and things might have to be done. Our ancestors have survived doing things. But it is doubtful that someone can do his tasks. It is simply incredible how our ancestors were able to live on their own, but they've served as an inspiration to the people to strive hard to endure and to never give up. 

They used natural resources to help them, Although there were no technologies before. What they've discovered were developed. Their thoughts have contributed towards the growth of a world that was better and were used. The evolution the creation of end technologies such as appliances, televisions, computers, the phones, appliances and a great deal more is as the effects of the stun gun that is strong. Developers or producers are making increasingly more technology each and every day only to satisfy and meet the demands of all of the people. 

But has the world become much better with the breakthrough of technology? It's hard to take sides, but we'll learn the different benefits and pitfalls that technology offered. One common disadvantage that all of us have noticed or likely have already developed internal of us is that we became so determined by the different technologies. Things which may nevertheless be carried out with bare hands have been forgotten. What might have been simple to do by the self need been covered by being overly dependent. It can make people lazy and this could affect the social facet of a person. 

There are several nations that still belong to the 3rd world country meaning that the progress of technology hasn't yet being introduced and therefore greatly affects the increase of their economics as compared with those well developed country. The academic performance of a person can be affected as well on account of the different kinds of video games or on-line games. In case there are disadvantages, of course there are also benefits. Among the benefits that technology gave to the planet is who it made things to be carried out efficiently and without any delay.
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