Meet "Optimize" WebRTC's First Artificial Intelligence Solution 2019

Callstats.io has recently announced the availability of the first artificial intelligence AI solution for WebRTC, called Optimize.

This video call solution by Optimize uses AI and machine learning algorithms to improve your call quality over audio and video calls and leverages data collected from millions of conferences (callstats.io's customers) to bring optimal audio and video quality to everyone interaction.

Generally, common issues in video calls we face include no proper synchronization between audio and video, a low quality video that often results in a pixelated image and clipped media, and disrupted/freezing voice. Optimize gives real-time communications providers' immediate access to call quality insights that would otherwise take months or even years to accumulate.

But the quest is how Optimize manages it to do?

Well in the background this video call solution by callstats.io looks at the location, network and device characteristics for each member in a call and provides each member with a couple of settings that would help them in producing best audio and video quality.

Optimize comes with callstats.io monitoring built-in. That means each and every call is monitored by Callstats which further goes through a stringent analysis process to feed the AI algorithm with fresh data and the AI algorithms running in the background uses insights across the complete install base, in order to provide the most appropriate configurations for every call held anywhere in the world. And to top it all, all these configurations happen automatically in the background without any external action from the participant or the end user.

Henceforth, real-time monitoring ensures changing conditions are always met with appropriate settings.

The Top Features of Optimize:

Media Quality Model:
Estimating and measuring media quality is a bit complicated. Especially when it comes to large-scale conferencing it becomes even hard to estimate media quality as it depends on dynamic factors. Objective Quality uses AI and ML algorithms to model the Quality of Experience.
Optimal Configs:
Optimize automatically fixes common issues affecting media quality in a call without any external action from the end-user. It estimates call quality before and during a call by serving new configurations to, for example, changing network conditions.
Anomaly Detection:
Optimize automatically highlight insights from the data. This way, developers can spend less time creating hypotheses and looking for answers for their service. Instead, they can focus more on solving the emergent problems highlighted by this new video call solution.
How Artificial Intelligence improves Real-time communication?

Optimize video quality
Some of the ML algorithms used for image recognition can be used to optimize the video transmission in real-time communication services. There are two ways to do so:
Select the best possible encoding parameters for a specific video or a specific part of the frame.
Reduce the amount of information being sent by removing the information that can be regenerated by the receiver.
Optimizing audio quality
The same process goes for eliminating redundant audio data that can be regenerated in the receiver side.
But in the case of extremities, you can send the text and the accent/speed of the speaker and the receiver will reconstruct the same voice based on the previous learning process.

Final Thought:

Web Real-Time Communications ( WebRTC ) is an open-source technology that enables video, audio, messaging and file-sharing through a standard web browser, hence eliminating the need for platform-specific software, plugins, or vendor lock-in that complicates and raises the cost of existing video-conferencing solutions. In order to improve the audio/video call quality, developers can leverage video call solution by 'Optimize' and achieve high improvisation.

Anuradha Badone is a content writer and marketing strategist at Codiant software technologies Pvt ltd. She is interested in writing stuff on leading technology trends and digital marketing.

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