Hornets Nest vs Hornet Sting

Hornets Nest

Among the World adventure movies and an obscurity in the movie career of Rock Hudson, Hornet's Nest follows Captain Turner since he parachutes to Italy. Nevertheless, the plan is discovered by the Nazis and kill the Americans since they land. Turner is the only survivor, and he's taken to safety by a bunch. The boys force her to treat Turner's wounds, and locate Bianca, a doctor. After his recovery, in destroying the dam Turner decides to recruit the boys they agree, but if they're also allowed to take. Rock Hudson's fortunes as one of the top celebrities of the 50s and 60s began to slide as a brand-new decade rolled around. 

Based on his autobiography, he was able to judge not or whether was good was stay optimistic. The hopes Hudson held for his release Darling Lili, of 1970 seemed justified: a spending budget Blake Edwards spy narrative co starring Julie Andrews. However the $25 million film flopped. So he put a lot of faith at Hornet's Nest. Director Phil Karlson had risen throughout the studio ranks helming low spending budget quickies because of the Bowery Boys and Charlie Chan series to become one of the more intriguing B film mavericks of the 50s. He also scored some solid hits with Kid Galahad, starring Elvis Presley, and two movies in of the Dean Martin Matt Helm series, The Silencers and The Wrecking Crew. 

Hudson was also looking forward to working because of the very first time with Sophia Loren, who had been cast as the German doctor. But Loren was replaced in of the last minute by Yugoslavian born actress Sylva Koscina, who'd been making movies in Europe since 1955. Koscina came to international attention at Georges Franjus Judex and Federico Fellinis Juliet of the Spirits. This led to appearances at several American movies, such as of the Paul Newman war comedy The Secret War of Harry Frigg and the detective film A Lovely Way to Die with Kirk Douglas. Koscina also had high hopes because of the movie plus felt that it shows how war destroys emotionally as well as physically. We're all destroyedmyself, Rock, the kids, she told Photoplay magazine throughout the movies location shoot in of the hills of Northern Italy. She also spoken with of the magazine about her emotional connection to of the work, having experienced of the brutality of war first hand as a young kid in her native country. So with all those elements such as a plot based on a true narrative it was a disappointment when Hornet's Nest did not click with audiences.
Hornet Sting
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