Healthy food 2020

Healthy Food is a basic condition of the general health of the body, and should not be compromised in eating healthy food because it is the cause of human life and protection to keep the body from diseases.
We have to do two things to maintain a healthy diet.
First, to provide the body with sufficient amount of calories needed by the body to make activities and work, and eating calories helps balance the energy used and energy obtained, and therefore eating large amounts of food leads to obesity and reduce to thinness.
The amount of calories  depending on the age, sex, and nature of the movement. The body’s need for calorie varies between men and women and increases for athletes.
Second: Eat enough food to maintain the body to receive a sufficient amount of balanced food and to provide the body with the necessary nutrients to do what is needed for his daily life and eat food moderately and not excessive.
The rules for healthy balanced food:
1. Food contains starches such as bread and grains such as rice, and depending on the types of whole grain food to contain the fibers that facilitate the human digestion and saturation and the lack of exposure to constipation.

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables for their importance and benefits to the human body by eating five pieces of each type of vegetables and fruits.
3. Fish: Fish is an essential source of protein, minerals and proteins. It is an important source of the human body. Fish contains important fats. You should eat at least two pieces a week that protect your heart from heart disease.
4. Fat: The body needs to fat which is an element of healthy food and there are two types of fat:
a. The harmful fats of the body (saturated fats), which contain atoms of carbon are linked with hydrogen atoms and harmful to the body because it raises cholesterol in the blood, which  causes heart disease.
B. Unsaturated fats are those in which carbon atoms are not associated with hydrogen and are less energy-intensive and less energy-efficient. They reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.
5. Reduce the intake of foods that contain salt, which leads to high blood pressure.
6. Do some activities such as sports and walking after dinner.
7. Drinking water in sufficient quantities.

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