Needs you do not know about the ant 2020

The Ant
When Feb rolls around the stores pack their shelves with everything you can think of in the form of a heart and strewn with red and pink paint. You'll see dozens of red roses lining the flower shops all adorned with ferns and babies breath. It's no wonder why men get confused as to what's the most original present to get for the special woman in their life. The top selling items in Feb are always chocolates in heart shaped containers and roses. You can bet should you go with chocolate and roses you won't get any extra points for originality. 
Needs you do not know about the ant
Needs you do not know about the ant

If you truly want to make an impression you need to be familiar with the things which she likes. Women will always tell you it is the small things which count so be sure to pay attention to the details. You would like to know such things as her favored meal as well as dessert. You should also know her favored flower, do not just assume that she'll love a dozen of roses. She might love carnations and it could be yellow ones in place of the usual pink and red for Valentines Day. You may use these small details to make a special Valentines Day that she'll never forget. 

Rather than taking her to her favored restaurant you can try your hand ant making her favored dish, but if cooking isn't your thing then you can order her favored meal from her favored restaurant and serve it up at home for her. Have her favored flowers as a central piece and spoil her with a few champagne and garden strawberry for dessert. For some extra points you should also know her favored romantic music and have a CD for her as a present. This may assist to set the mood and you may be sure that it's not some cheesy pick up music. 

She'll really be impressed that you went that extra mile to get her favored things and not only the usual chocolate and roses. There are several ways to make your presents original and you don't have to spend a leg and an arm to do it. Bear in mind that she'll be more then happy to tell you things which she likes and things which she doesn't like. The best part is to try to know this info in advance so you could make the arrangements in plenty of time. Do not fall into the same old routine that most every man does. Lots of men wait till the last minute to get their presents, then they're left with the inexpensive left over presents and that does not go over well with the ladies. The last thing you would like to do is show up with a stuffed animal and a rose from the gas station.

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