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A decisive meeting for the 12 clubs tonight to discuss the fate of the European Super League

 In a rapid development of events, British press reports revealed that the 12 clubs that announced participation in the European Super League will meet this evening to discuss the fate of the tournament, especially after the news that was leaked stating that there are some clubs on the way to reckoning, but none of them announced this in a way. It's official yet.

British Radio Talk Sport said that all 12 clubs will meet tonight to discuss solutions for the European Super League and the possibility of completing the tournament or not, after the overwhelming wave of anger the new tournament is facing from by critics and football fans.

The English newspaper "Sun" reported this evening that the English Manchester City administration decided to withdraw from the European Super League in response to the anger that the masses had over the decision to join the tournament to be held next August, and the newspaper stated that Manchester City club joined Chelsea, who have already started in The European Super League withdrawal process.

A statement issued by the European Super League revealed the amount of money that the clubs participating in the tournament, which will start next August, will receive, amounting to $ 3.5 billion, distributed evenly among 20 clubs.

According to the official website of the European Super League, the tournament will consist of 20 teams, divided into two groups, each group of 10 clubs, so that there will be 15 clubs, 12 of which have been officially announced.

The winners of the first three places in the group stage will qualify for the quarter-finals of 8 clubs, while the fourth and fifth place winners will play a playoff match to determine the two qualified teams, after which the knockout round matches will start with a back-and-forth system.

The European Super League statement indicated that its matches will be held in the middle of the season, away from the dates of the domestic league matches, provided that the season will be completed next May, provided that it is one match in a neutral stadium.

The European Super League statement indicated that the economic returns that will benefit the participating clubs will reach 10 billion euros during the initial commitment period of the tournament.


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