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Higher Education denies the dismissal of Mohamed Salah: He is enrolled in the Higher Institute for Advanced Studies

 The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research denied the rumors about the dismissal of the international player, Mohamed Salah from the Higher Institute for Advanced Studies, and the ministry confirmed that the player is enrolled in the institute, and the opportunity is available to him to complete his studies.


The ministry confirmed that what was reported about the dismissal of the player Mohamed Salah from the institute is unfounded, and that he is restricted to the first division of the information systems division of the institute, and that he submitted a request to the institute to apologize for taking the exams because of his professionalism outside the country, and that the ministry, out of concern for his future to complete his professional career, agreed To stop his registration in order to be able to sit the exams during the coming period.

The Ministry stated that this is pursuant to the text of Article (30) of Ministerial Resolution No. 1088 of 1987 regarding the regulation of rules for stopping the registration of students in higher institutes, and all the procedures followed were carried out in accordance with the correctness of the law in this regard.