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Sassi is out of Zamalek next season, and the white has no substitutes

 Sami El Shishiny, the former star of Zamalek, confirmed that Tunisian Fergani Sassi will not continue in Zamalek next season, and there is no player who can replace him at the present time; Because its quality is not much.

Sami Al-Shishini said, with the media figure Ibrahim Fayeq in the "Al-Thala fans" program broadcast on On Time Sport 2: “Al-Ahly did not appear in a distinct way in front of Mars, and the success and experiences of the players knew that the team led the tie, despite the Mars players presenting a great performance and changing the position Afsha in front of the Sudanese Marshal, he lost 60% of his offensive capabilities. "

El Shishiny added: "Zamalek showed his true face by beating Mouloudia in Algeria, and Obama's early goal eased the pressure on Zamalek and contributed to the victory, and he was able to increase his scoring record during the match."

He continued: "Zamalek players are the ones who put themselves in this situation, and they have to fight for the last minute to qualify, and the team suffers from the lack of substitutes with the competence of the main players, after the departure of Mustafa Muhammad and Muhammad Onajem, whose departure was a wrong decision, and I was against his departure."

And he added: "Marwan Hamdy was his tactical role in the Mouloudia match, and the player needs confidence, and he needs more time in order to properly evaluate him."

Al-Shishiny confirmed: "Farajani Sassi will not sit in Zamalek, and the player wants to sit and Zamalek need him, but his financial capabilities will not be able to meet his requests, and how he will sit and you do not know how to pay him the old remains how you will renew it and change it in advance."

He added: "The quality of Ferjani Sassi will not be able to replace him in Zamalek, but Imam Ashour is a good player who can block, but will not replace the capabilities of the Tunisian, and in him there is no one who can compensate for him like a Qafsha in Al-Ahly."