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The most prominent 5 players who suffered playing next to Messi in Barcelona

 Playing alongside Argentine star Lionel Messi, Barcelona's striker, is a dream for most football players around the world, and despite this, many players have already suffered due to the presence of fleas in their vicinity on the pitch, which caused the departure of a number of them. For the Catalan team.

Lionel Messi played a pivotal role in Barcelona's great successes in the twenty-first century, and there are quite a few players who suffered in Barca due to the presence of the Argentine star, as we shed light on the 5 most prominent players whose career has suffered greatly because of Messi.

Pedro Rodriguez

Barcelona was full of outstanding players from the club's academy "La Masia", to the point that these players had to choose between leaving the club and waiting on the sidelines for a chance to play in Barca.

Pedro Rodriguez may be one of the most prominent young players who joined the first team in 2008 and that was the time when Barcelona re-imposed its hegemony over Europe.

And although Pedro was of high quality, he was always seen as a substitute, for seven seasons until he finally left for Chelsea.

Pedro was a right winger by nature, he also liked to play as a striker, but since Lionel Messi was observing both positions, Pedro never had the opportunity to play consistently with Barcelona, ​​and Pedro's quality came to light when he won the Premier League title with Chelsea in his first year with the Blues.

Alexis Sanchez

Chilean Alex Sanchez arrived in Barcelona from Udinese, as a young player full of tricks and who could run around defenders throughout the match, however, we never got to see the best of a player in Barcelona as he was always in the shadow of Lionel Messi.

As evidenced by Sanchez's subsequent stint at Arsenal, which was hugely successful, Sanchez does better when he is allowed the freedom of the final third of the opposing team's court.

However, the Chilean international was asked to play in a completely different way at Barcelona. He had to play deeper and pass the ball because the Catalans were masters of the Tiki-Taka style under Pep Guardiola.

Sanchez's best season at Barcelona was the last season, as Lionel Messi spent a long time absent from the action due to injury. Sanchez was Barcelona's second-best goalscorer but he continued to receive the appropriate return from appreciation from Barca.

Linen there are also rumors of a fight between Messi and Sanchez, as the flea is disturbed by the latter's tendency to face the defenders and shoot the goalkeeper from a distance.

Sanchez decided to end his Barcelona career soon after and became one of the most dangerous strikers in the Premier League at Arsenal.

Samuel Eto'o

Cameroonian star Samuel Eto'o was not an easy player in how to deal with him, which was evident in his problems with Frank Rijkaard, Ronaldinho and Jose Mourinho, but none of them came close to the problems he faced with Pep Guardiola.

Samuel Eto'o was one of Barcelona's staples and was prolific in front of the opposing team's goal, he was also hard-working, he played a big role in winning the treble in the 2008-2009 season, which was also Pep Guardiola's first season.

After the clash with Pep Guardiola, Eto'o’s role began to be sidelined in Barcelona, ​​as Lionel Messi demanded a more central role. It was difficult to find an error in Messi's goal scoring rates and eventually reached the point where Eto'o had to leave the club because he realized that he would not He gets opportunities.

David Villa

In the history of the Spanish national team, when the duo Divya Villa and Fernando Torres were at their goalscoring peak with the Matador, David Villa did not have the freedom to play at Barcelona, ​​and Lionel Messi had a lot to do with it.

David Villa's problems with Lionel Messi were similar to those faced by many of his previous predecessors, with Messi wanting to play as a central striker, Villa was pushed into the winger position, and despite that Villa also shone thanks to his apparent quality, yet Lionel Messi wanted to push more. Mobile players playing on wings FIA's shares of play have fallen dramatically.

Villa won one Champions League and two La Liga titles in his three years at Barcelona.

David Villa did not talk about his Catalan teammates or his status in Barcelona, ​​and then he moved to Atlético Madrid and proved his quality by winning the Spanish League with Roji Blancos in his first season 2013-2014.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a winning deal for all the clubs that he played for throughout his bus career, Ibra joined Barcelona in 2009 from Inter Milan in exchange for Samuel Eto'o's services in addition to 45 million euros.

Ibrahimovi made a big splash in his early days with Barcelona, ​​but his form quickly deteriorated and he ended up loaned to Milan after two seasons.

Ibrahimovi was at his best with Barcelona when he was pushed as an outspoken striker, however, that changed when Lionel Messi insisted that he play as the main striker, after that, Ibrahimovi انتقل moved to play Ekganj with Barca, and he was not at all happy with this position, he even entered In heated quarrels with Pep Guardiola over the same thing.


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