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Economy and Stock Exchange

The stock exchanges of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain rose in Tuesday's session, and the Qatar and Dubai stock exchanges declined
bebo 20 April 2021
 Gulf bourses varied, during today's session, Tuesday, mid-week sessions, as the general index of the Saudi stock market "TASI"...
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The government of Kuwait is on the cusp of a liquidity crisis of $ 24 billion ... and the options are limited
bebo 18 April 2021
 The international credit rating agency, Moody's, touched on the options available to the Kuwaiti government to finance the huge budget ...
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Mahmoud Mohieldin participates in the United Nations Sustainable Development Financing Session
bebo 13 April 2021
 Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin, Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations Envoy to Financing Sustainable Developm...
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Al-Maliya: A greater effort by the Joint Egyptian-Sudanese Committee to remove any customs obstacles
bebo 12 April 2021
 Dr. Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance, emphasized that investment in infrastructure is one of the most important pillars of economic refor...
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Economy summary today, Friday 4-9-2021
bebo 09 April 2021
 Today, Friday 4/9-2021, the announcement of a large number of important economic news, whether local or global, most notably the decline in...
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Oil prices are recorded at $ 62.68 for Brent and $ 59.28 for US crude
bebo 08 April 2021
 Oil prices today recorded 62.68 dollars a barrel, for the international benchmark Brent crude, and US West Texas Intermediate crude reached...
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Egypt imports 11 billion pounds of agricultural commodities ... apples, at 43 million pounds
bebo 04 April 2021
 Egyptian imports of agricultural commodities achieved a remarkable increase during the last period, as the total value of those imports rea...
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The price of the Emirati dirham against the Egyptian pound today, Friday, April 2, 2021
bebo 02 April 2021
 Foreign currency rates in a number of Egyptian banks, and the following report includes the price of the Emirati dirham against the Egyptia...
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