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3 healthy immune boosting drinks you should drink daily
bebo 20 April 2021
 Attention to strengthening immunity has become one of the things that many people strive to achieve in light of the Corona virus epidemic, ...
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5 foods that make you feel more hungry after eating ... including French fries and bread
bebo 18 April 2021
 We eat to obtain the required amount of fuel to keep our bodies functioning, but it is paradoxically that some foods do not make us feel fu...
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Fears of drug resistance from malaria .. Learn the causes of infection and ways of infection
bebo 16 April 2021
 Fears of a malaria mutation have increased after researchers revealed the first clinical evidence that drug-resistant mutations to the para...
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British study: Stress is not associated with an eating disorder
bebo 13 April 2021
Researchers from the University of Cambridge have found that there is no relationship between feeling stressed and having eating disorders, ...
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Learn the 8 most important tips for diabetics to fast during Ramadan
bebo 12 April 2021
  Diabetics are wondering, with the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, about the dangers of fasting and its effect on blood sugar levels, ...
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Tips before performing surgeries on bones and joints
bebo 09 April 2021
 Many people ask before having orthopedic surgery such as knee or hip surgery, about the "pre-habilitation" stage, or exercise pro...
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5 foods that lower blood pressure .. including vegetables, fruits and whole grains
bebo 08 April 2021
High blood pressure is a precursor to heart disease, so it is important to keep it under control through several steps, the most important o...
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Does cinnamon harm the liver?
bebo 04 April 2021
 You may have heard about the many benefits of cinnamon, but what are the effects of cinnamon on the liver and other parts of the body? In t...
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World Autism Day: Why is there not an adequate diagnosis of autism for girls and women?
bebo 02 April 2021
  "Girls and women with autism are often calm, shy and withdrawn," says Alice Row, a British author and businesswoman. Often, she ...
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